Individuals are in a daily process of improving, Marshall says


    By Tiffany Quanstrom

    Remember that life”s journey, not just its destination, is a valuable experience, said Professor Robert Marshall at Tuesday”s devotional.

    “I encourage you to enjoy every day of your odyssey and never forget to be vocally thankful for the wonderful gift of life and choice and learning that is yours to experience,” Marshall said.

    Marshall, one of six artists commissioned to design and paint the murals for the Nauvoo temple offered students insights he gained while working on those murals. Marshall hoped that these insights would help students find joy and fulfillment in all that they do.

    First, Marshall said people are in a daily process of learning and improving. They are becoming someone with something of value to contribute.

    Marshall spent many years developing and refining his skills as a painter, never imagining that he would someday have the opportunity to paint murals for the Nauvoo temple. Marshall said that students are going through his same experience.

    “All of you are in that same position today, preparing without knowing, making yourselves capable of giving full measure when the request comes,” Marshall said.

    Marshall encouraged students to seek the guidance of the Holy Ghost as they continue to learn and improve. Without the influence of the Holy Ghost few accomplishments retain significance, he said.

    Quiet moments of thinking and mediation when an individual can feel the influence of the Spirit are of utmost importance, he said. During the course of their education, students need to safeguard those times, he said.

    Marshall”s second insight directed individuals to offer all that they do to the Lord.

    “Every effort should be our best effort followed by a prayerful petition to the Lord,” Marshall said. He explained that a person”s character and performance must be constant, not situational.

    “I should always be prayerful, and sensitive, humble and charitable. I should be Christ centered in everything I do,” Marshall said.

    The third point Marshall touched on was appreciation for the value of every contribution. Though some contributions are more visible than others, all contributions are of utmost importance, he said.

    Marshall”s fourth insight was that a living prophet directs the affairs of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

    Fifth, Marshall said prayers are answered.

    “Solutions came as a result of work, rework and more work. Validation came in those quiet moments of reflection that I referred to earlier,” Marshall said.

    The sixth insight Marshall shared was his thankfulness for life, membership in the LDS Church, the gift of the Holy Ghost and the Priesthood. Tied to that is the desire to be in harmony with the Lord, Marshall said. He hoped students would continually evaluate themselves, confirming that the path they were on was the path they wanted to be on, and a path that was in harmony with the lord.

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