Heightened Security


    The recent article about the heightened security at football games in 2003 has us thinking. How does our bag of candy, box of pizza, thermos of hot chocolate, big signs, or diaper bags affect the security of our fellow fans? It sounds more like a ploy to sell more five dollar hotdogs and two dollar cups of soda.

    If that is the reason, then say it. Don’t hide behind a thin excuse of ensuring our safety. What is next, a charge for bathroom and drinking fountain use to guarantee our “safety”?

    Ephraim Washburn, White Lake, MI, 371-2580
    Ryan Stephens, Lenexa, KS, 830-0695
    Josh Engstrom, Boise, ID, 370-1169
    Matt Gottfredson, Salt Lake City, UT, 450-4771
    Steve Smith, Cottage Grove, MN, 362-0112
    Matt Gross, Fruitland, ID, 377-4839

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