Fish joins v-ball team


    By Aubrie Spence

    Lindsey Fish will never forget the day she received an e-mail titled “want to be a Cougar?”

    Fish will be joining the 2003 roster for the BYU woman”s volleyball team. As simple as it sounds now, Fish has overcome many struggles and has never lost hope in her dream of becoming a Cougar.

    Born in Brazil, Fish moved to Provo at a young age. In Provo, she picked up her interest for volleyball. She started learning the skill of volleyball at the age of 12 when she joined a club team called the Utah Juniors. From there, her love for volleyball grew, as did her skill.

    Fish set her goal early and began working hard to accomplish the dream of one day playing in the Smith Fieldhouse wearing a BYU uniform.

    “? always knew I wanted to be a Cougar,” Fish said.

    She was heading down that road when she was placed on the varsity team at Timpview High school as a freshman. She received various honors throughout her high school career, including selection to the all-region team and MVP in 2000.

    However, a roadblock came for Fish when during a scrimmage at practice she went up to block, landed wrong and couldn”t stand back up. She had dislocated her SI joint.

    Despite being bedridden for two weeks, Fish overcame this trial in time to compete at nationals.

    “Through much prayer and fasting is how I got through it, honestly,” Fish said.

    With Fish”s long line of athletic accomplishments and her amazing ability, letters of intent came pouring in during her senior year. All the same, Fish never lost sight of her goal of being a Cougar. Thus, when the letter never came from BYU, she decided to contact them.

    BYU offered no light to her goal. The roster was full and they had no need for more defensive specialists, Fish”s position.

    To most, it would appear that her dream was in vain. She accepted a full ride scholarship to Utah Valley State College and gained more merit and status on the junior college level. Yet, she never gave up hope on BYU.

    Throughout her two-year career at UVSC, she kept in constant contact with the coaches at BYU. After her eligibility was up at UVSC she made attempts to contact them one last time. They agreed to consider her as a candidate for the team.

    Weeks went by and no word from BYU came. When Fish was about to lose hope again, she received her e-mail.

    “When I first read it, I was shocked. Then as I read it, I started screaming. I was extremely excited,” Fish said.

    She made it. Through injury and setbacks, Fish has now accomplished her childhood goal of being a Cougar.

    Yet, one more sacrifice is still needed. At UVSC Fish had a full scholarship, but in order to play for BYU, Fish would have to do it for the love of the game. There are no scholarships available for her.

    “It is hard not having a scholarship, but it was always my dream to play at BYU, and that helps to keep it in focus,” said Fish. “For me it is an even trade.”

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