Seniors get celebration send-off


    By Deanna Devey

    BYU seniors ended their BYU party experience Friday night April 11 in nearly the same way it started – tagged with teal wristbands and surrounded by yellow-shirted events management staff.

    Amongst the Wilkinson Student Center”s blue partitions, thousands of BYU seniors wandered from activity to activity to celebrate graduation with live bands, prize giveaways and free food.

    “I think the food has been the most impressive part because usually at Fall Fling and Spring Fling, you come in you”ve got to be here right when it opens or the food is gone,” said Johanna Eckerson, 22, a senior from Moon, Penn., majoring in Near Eastern studies. “But there”s actually been food there the whole time. I”m very impressed.”

    Students received free Scoreboard hamburgers, pizza, ice cream and water in the CougarEat.

    Just after 10 p.m., however, newcomers were prevented from joining their peers in holding cups of chocolate ice cream. The seniors had finally depleted the food supply.

    From sponsors like the BYU Bookstore to the Annual Fund, booths lined the Terrace.

    Groups like Comedy Sportz, the International Folk Dance Ensemble, Danny Cranney and Silver City Pink performed in the Ballroom and Garden Court.

    Beyond the bluegrass music playing upstairs, the senior celebration expanded further than the Wilkinson Student Center”s second floor.

    Those who wandered downstairs found a Top 40s dance.

    Near the dance was a line consisting of people waiting for a free game of bowling. The line snaked around the lockers.

    After about 20 minutes of standing in the line, Kyle Anglesen, 27, a senior from Spokane, Wash., majoring in European studies and German commented on the party.

    “It”s great; it”s spectacular; it”s a lot of fun,” Angelsen said. “Good music, good food, lots of stuff to win.”

    The festivities gave graduating seniors a chance to reminisce about earlier BYU experiences and previous BYU parties.

    “It”s cool to see people that I haven”t seen in awhile, people who are graduating, had a class with or where I worked,” said Robert Ricks, 25, a BYU 2002 graduate from Provo. “Other than that, it”s just kind of like a normal BYU party.”

    With free food, wristbands and events management staff, this BYU party had the elements of the freshman”s new student orientation, the sophomore”s Fall Fling and the junior”s Spring Fling.

    And so ended the BYU seniors” experience with the same wristbands, the similar activities and a different year.

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