Letter to the Editor: Stand by our man


    Whether or not we are opposed to war is irrelevant. We have taken upon ourselves an oath; we made a covenant with God. And although we may disagree with some, or even many, of the things rehearsed by our leaders, we however need to stand by them. The president of the United States has a calling to perform that is hard enough as it is without having to worry about receiving support from his own people. Do we stand next to our friends when we know they have done something wrong? Do we support them in their decisions even though we realize they are not appropriate ones? The President needs support and we must give it to him.

    It is ignorant to think that blocking a federal building is peaceful and something to which attention should not be drawn. Proulx did what he did for just that reason: attention. Peace comes at a price and as for Proulx, he now must realize that disobedience does as well. The next time that he so wishes to make a statement, maybe he should check his reasons. I mean really, does he even know the first thing about why we are fighting this war? Do any of us?


    Los Alamitos, Calif.

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