Honor week finds missionaries on campus


    By Elisa Anderson

    Thirty missionaries spent their preparation day on campus Monday April 7 dispensing quotes and magnets to students reminding them to obey the Honor Code.

    This week is Honor Week at BYU. The theme is “Honor, the heart of the University.”

    “Honor Week is to remind people that the Honor Code is a way of life,” said Elder Baker, a missionary from Penticton, British Columbia. “It”s not just for while you are here at BYU but also when you go home for the summer.”

    Elder Ranseth, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, distributed refrigerator magnets to students walking by the Wilkinson Student Center. The magnets provided the Top 10 ways to get a person out before curfew.

    The Honor Code is an application of principles, Ranseth said.

    “As we look to see the principles that govern where those rules come from, the Honor Code becomes very simple,” he said.

    Elyse Peterson, 23, a senior from San Antonio, Tex., majoring in broadcast journalism, oversees the student communications and advertising division within the Student Honor Association.

    “Sister Peterson had the idea that missionaries present an image of honor and integrity so the students will live the Honor Code all year round,” Ranseth said.

    Peterson said because Honor Week focuses on character and integrity, the missionaries are the best ambassadors to represent that.

    “Everyone looks up to the missionaries,” Peterson said. “They represent the kind of person with character and integrity that we can look to and know that they have light.”

    Throughout the week, the SHA has activities planned for each day to remind students to follow the Honor Code.

    Today, the focus is modesty. The SHA will be distributing Otter Pops to the students from noon to 2 p.m.

    The slogan of the day is “When the summer comes, you ”otter” consider modesty,” Peterson said.

    There will be a panel at 6 p.m. Wednesday in Room 151 of the Tanner Building. The panel will discuss the importance of academic integrity and integrity in the workplace with keynote speakers and refreshments.

    The focus Thursday is “honor your spouse.” There is a writing competition for married students.

    The subject topic is “Home is where the heart is.” Each participant must write about how important his or her spouse is. The top three winners will receive gift certificates.

    “Friday is our big day,” Peterson said.

    The focus Friday is “Honor: Don”t dog it” and will summarize the week”s various Honor Code topics. The SHA will dispense 2,000 free hot dogs on campus.

    “We are the only school in the nation that has an Honor Code,” Peterson said. “That separates us and makes us different. It makes Brigham Young such a great place to be.”

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