Comedy group gives women’s perspective too


    By Erica Starr

    Brand X, a new comedy group at BYU, is not the typical comedy club because they believe in the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

    A majority of the group members are women, said Brand X member Ami Hood, who was born in Japan.

    Hood said having more women in the group makes them interpret BYU and the world differently.

    “I”m a fan of affirmative action,” said Hood, 19, from Edmond, Okla., majoring in psychology. “That”s how I feel I”ve gained my place in the troop. The differing social experiences that I”ve had being half-Japanese adds a unique contrast from the other comedy groups.”

    Jared Lesueur, Brand X president, called Hood one day and said he needed her in the group because of her “sophistication and culture.” The rest of the Brand X members auditioned to get a spot within the group, but Hood was different.

    Hood moved from Japan to the United States when she was in elementary school. Since then, she has lived mostly in Oklahoma. However, she says being from Japan has given her different experiences in life.

    “Because I do have a different racial background, it is sometimes the subject of our humor,” Hood said. “There was a joke that was told, and people were concerned that I would be offended or that other people would be offended. But since I”m only half-Japanese, I was only half-offended.”

    Hood plays in the Symphony Orchestra, so performing comes a little easier for her. But acting, she said, is something she”s never done before.

    “I”ve performed a lot musically, so I”m used to people,” Hood said. “But acting has been challenging and exciting to see that I can do it. Acting is fun, and it has expanded to the rest of my life by making social interaction easier.”

    The group, sponsored by BYUSA, will have their first official performance at the Law building Friday and Saturday, March 28-29.

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