Truman G. Madsen speaks to Mission Prep Club


    By Emily Haleck

    Truman G. Madsen, an emeritus BYU professor, spoke of methods for effective missionary work as he addressed prospective missionaries Thursday, March 13.

    The Mission Prep Club sponsored the lecture where Madsen, also director of the Institute for Mormon Studies and a former mission president, focused on the teachings of the prophet Joseph Smith and the calling of missionaries.

    “Some things the prophet (Joseph Smith) said about missionary work I think are worth memorizing,” Madsen said. “It is not the multitude of preachers that will bring about the great millennium, but those who are called, chosen and faithful. The Lord often has a pre-arranged calling for people, but the chosen and faithful part is up to you.”

    Part of being faithful is memorizing scriptures, Madsen said. He shared his method of writing a scripture on a three-by-five card and carrying it around with him. He would pull out this card and recite the scripture five times a day, making memorization an easy task.

    “I memorized one verse from every book in the New Testament through this method on my mission,” Madsen said.

    Madsen also stressed two other points from the teachings of Joseph Smith: No man can receive the Holy Ghost without receiving revelations, and if you do your duty, it will be well with you as if all men embraced the gospel.

    Madsen shared some stories from his mission, demonstrating the power of missionary work.

    “Through one conversion, many seeds come to fruit,” he said.

    In advising how to get that one conversion, Madsen said don”t argue or debate with investigators, but get them to pray.

    “You don”t convert people – the Lord does,” Madsen said. “You get people down on their knees and ask God.”

    Madsen ended with a challenge to those in attendance to give the rest of their lives to service in Christ.

    Some in the audience found Madsen”s challenge and remarks to be profound.

    “The boldness really hit home,” said Don McCartney, 25, a senior from Sandy, majoring in finance. “I really enjoyed it.”

    Spencer Shore also was enlightened by the lecture.

    “It was very strong,” said the 19-year-old freshman from Salt Lake City, majoring in manufacturing engineering technology. “I”ve heard the same things before, but it always comes with more and more power.”

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