PETA donates furs to refugees


    By Kisha Wilson

    People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals recently sent furs, unwanted furs, coats, hats and blankets to 850 struggling families surviving the winter in the Barkali Afghan refugee camp.

    The camp is located in a remote, hilly area, and deaths resulting from the exposure are a fact of life, said a PETA spokesperson.

    During the month of February, PETA received their 10,000th second-hand fur coat donation.

    “Donating your fur is an honorable thing to do, said open major Jackie Wright, 19, a freshman, from Sliver Spring, Md.” I am on a college student”s budget. The only thing I can afford is fake fur, so I don”t think PETA would be too interested in me.”

    The overwhelming number of donated furs has inspired PETA members to create a variety of ways to redistribute them.

    Some of the furs are used in library displays, fashions shows and other events designed to be educational. PETA also gave the coats to the homeless.

    PETA said in a recent news release, although it could not bring the animals back that were used to make the fur coats, the organization intends to send a strong message that only people truly struggling to survive the elements have any excuse for wearing them.

    “If you don”t need it, you should not buy it,” said Yulia Zheravina, 19, a sophomore, from Valdivostok, Russia, majoring in visual arts. “I believe the money could be used for something more important like an education.”

    A PETA official said the organization intends to bury some coats and cremate others, or use them as bedding for orphaned wildlife.

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