Letter to the Editor: Protesting for peace


    D&C 98:16 commands us to “renounce war and proclaim peace.” Peace never needs to be justified. War always needs to be justified. We must critically examine any argument for war. Those who would have us wage war to solve problems have the responsibility to justify it in humility.

    This administration has only offered a stretched tatter of an argument as justification. They disparage the sentiments of the Arab peoples in the Middle East, the overwhelming majority of which do not want a war. They discount and disrupt the progress that inspections are making. They claim to view war as a last resort but act as if it were their first option.

    This war is not about freedom and democracy for the Iraqi people. If it were, we would not have given Saddam chemical and biological weapons in the ’80’s. We would not have supported him as he murdered his political opponents. Nor would we have supported him as he used chemical weapons on defenseless civilian populations.

    The administration also keeps trying to link Saddam with Al Qaeda. The attempts consist of lies and manipulations. The Czech connection was discredited months ago. The recent assertions are equally as spurious. The administration keeps repeating the same lies but never produces the evidence because they do not have it. As much as the administration wants it to be true, there is not one moral, legal or just reason to go to war with Iraq.

    I began to speak out, compelled by conscience. But now I continue to organize because I have seen people change because of my efforts. I organize with once discouraged people who have been invigorated by the armbands and teach-ins. I organize because I have made a difference. I organize because I see a chance for peace through peaceful means and not through an immoral war.


    Marietta, Pa.

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