Letter to the Editor: Coach cheers fans


    I am writing to thank all the fans that have come to watch the men’s volleyball matches in the past few weeks. As coach of the team, I can tell you that it is a great home court advantage to play in front of the best crowd in NCAA volleyball. Many coaches and players have told me this is the hardest place to play a match if you are the visiting team. I would also say it is the best place to play for the home team. I am sure many points have been won because of the crowd. The momentum that the fans generate for the team is unbelievable.

    We have a good men’s volleyball team and I hope all the fans enjoy themselves when they come to watch a match. For any of you who have not witnessed a men’s volleyball match, I invite you to come and experience the excitement of seeing the Cougars play the top teams in the country each week. It’s not only an advantage to us, but I think you will find it most entertaining. Thank you all for being the best crowd and fans in the country.



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