Letter to the Editor: Cars not accountable


    I am writing in response to the article about BYU extending its UTA contract. While I support the contract, I strongly question the administration’s decision to fund the contract with BYU parking fees. The proposal is to pay for the contract by increasing parking fees 300 percent. (While the increase is considerable, BYU parking is substantially less than other universities.)

    My biggest disagreement, however, is the administration’s decision to pass this cost on to those who don’t use the benefit: those that buy and use parking permits. The article explained that 79 percent of the 7,263 students who responded to a survey were “very supportive of the bus program, even though it would mean an increase in student parking fees.”

    The survey results are simply ridiculous! Why would UTA users care whether or not BYU parking fees were increased when they won’t foot the bill? People with cars who pay for Y lot stickers are driving to school, not taking the bus. Likewise, those bus-goers are taking the bus for a reason: because they don’t drive! Moreover, what reason did non-UTA using students have to even look at the survey when, having never used the service, had no reason to respond?

    Question: Now that there is a free service of transportation, won’t many individuals decide to take the bus, and therefore reduce the income generated by parking sticker fees, which are necessary to subsidize the contract?

    I strongly suggest an alternative to subsidizing the cost. Here’s a novel idea – make the students that want to use the service pay for it.


    Salt Lake City

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