New international Web site assists in job search


    By Andrew Watson

    BYU”s Career Placement Center is planning to launch a global Web site next week to help students who are interested in international employment find contacts and opportunities to start a career.

    “The site was developed for the primary intention to assist all international students in their search for internships and full-time employment in their respective country,” said international counselor, Richard Ang. “The secondary function is to provide information to any students who have interest in seeking international jobs or internships.”

    Ang came up with the idea after looking at other universities” employment Web sites and finding little information about international employment opportunities.

    Arnold Parrott, Career Center placement director, liked Ang”s idea and hired Crystal Ang to develop the site.

    The Web site, the first of its kind, is aimed toward BYU students, but is accessible to anyone interested in researching employment opportunities outside the United States.

    “It is the first one in the nation,” said Crystal Ang, a primary developer of the site. “It provides one stop where students, faculty and alumni can go and search for international jobs.”

    The Marriott School of Business is also supporting the Web site development by helping Crystal gather information to post.

    The sources for the Web site come from newspapers and Career Placement outreach efforts.

    The Web site, called “Global Career,” will provide information on job availability based on a particular country or on a specific major. People will be able to perform industry specific, and even job specific, searches.

    Additional features of Global Career include internship availability information, contacts and international job fair locations and information on any workshop opportunities in the area.

    Visa processes and vaccination information is also available on the site to prepare students who decide to travel to foreign countries.

    Ang says the site will also provide links to all three BYU campuses, the Career Placement Center and LDS Business College.

    “Other features are still on the drawing board,” Ang said.

    One of the anticipated features still in the planning phase is a place where job advertisements can be posted in foreign languages. This will help international students, who don”t speak English as their primary language, maneuver the Web site more comfortably.

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