Dancer fulfills dreams


    By Jody Tait

    BYU”s Dancer”s Company performs in the Pardoe Drama Theatre in the Harris Fine Arts Center Jan. 22 – 25 at 7:30 p.m. There will also be a matinee on Jan. 25 at 2 p.m.

    Carly Allred prepared, with 20 other dancers, for The Dancer”s Company”s Imaginaire concert that will continue throughout the week.

    Allred said she has been into dance since the age of 3. “My dad wanted me to be some smart lawyer, but I always wanted to dance,” Allred said. As part of Bingham High School”s Dance Company for three years, she served as president of the company and was awarded the State Sterling Scholar in dance.

    Outside of school, she danced with other groups like Dancer”s Theatre Company, and also participated in dance workshops in New York City.

    Of all the opportunities and enjoyment she received as a member of the Dancer”s Company, she enjoys the opportunity to share.

    “The Dancer”s Company has given me opportunities to share not only dance, but the gospel with people around the world,” Allred said.

    This year the team will travel to Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, and Malaysia. In the past years, Allred has been able to travel to India, Arizona and many other places.

    At age 21, Allred will graduate this August and has many goals for the future. She said she hopes to dance professionally for a repertory company and would also love to teach dance on the side.

    Allred already fulfilled one of her lifetime goals just last month. The day after Christmas, she was married.

    Allred dances with 20 other dancers. They all work under the direction of Caroline Prohosky, the artistic director of The Dancer”s Company.

    Prohosky has directed The Dancer”s Company for 13 years.

    “The girls have been preparing for the concert since the end of August,” Prohosky said. “This will be their first time presenting the whole concert and finding the energy to sustain them through the entire performance.”

    Prohosky also said this performance should be appealing to all students, faculty and friends.

    “One of the most interesting things is the variety,” Prohosky said. ”Each piece is so different. They each have different colors and feels.”

    Even after 13 years, Prohosky said she hasn”t lost the excitement of directing BYU”s Dancer”s Company.

    “You never know exactly what”s going to happen,” she said. “No matter how long you”ve been in theater, something can always surprise you.”

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