Letter to the Editor: Sleeveless T-shirts


    Here at BYU we strive to abide by a strict moral code. This code is designed to keep us within the church guidelines for modesty. However, I have some trouble understanding the problem with men not being allowed to wear sleeveless T-shirts. Women are not allowed to wear them and we all know that women, being beautiful and sacred as they are, must abide by a higher standard of dress when put in comparison to the world standard.

    I have heard that because women were given this rule that men were also restricted from sleeveless T-shirts so that the women did not feel alone in their higher standard requirement. However this argument is a little absurd, men and women have a very different style of dress. We might as well say that because men have to have short hair women have to have short hair too. Of course such a proposal would be ridiculous, and it is a much embellished example of the sleeveless shirt issue. I know that everyone wants to keep things fair and equal but I just want to remind them that women and men have very different styles of dress.

    Jacob Procuniar

    Orange County, Calif.

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