Letter to the Editor: Access replied


    This is in response to the article entitled “Access Denied.”

    I get so frustrated with the number of people who complain about the Internet filters on campus and how inconsistent they are. One can assume that from all these complaints students must assume that the individuals working for the Office of IT monitor all Internet activity, follow your site patterns and purposefully block anything useful just for kicks. I happen to work closely with those who work hard to maintain the Internet proxy filters and I know that that is now the case

    These people work hard to maintain the standards set by BYU. If there is a problem, a simple request to OIT will get the site unblocked. The other thing necessary to remember is that computer can only do what it is told, it can’t think for itself…so how is it supposed to decide whether Dave Matthews Band lyrics are appropriate? The computer says Access Point on it?

    Well then, let’s make a big fuss about how much access it really has. Library computers have access only to BYU computers and servers unless in a computer lab. I just wish people would think these kinds of things through before placing the blame on anyone else for their own lack of intuition. Those who work with the proxy know that there are problems. They are aware. That is what they get paid for. Why don’t we give thanks to those who try to uphold standards rather than bring them down.

    Aaron Baillio

    San Antonio, Texas

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