‘Principle’ lays out life lessons


    It is often the little experiences in life that can teach us the most, the day-to-day choices we make and tasks we accomplish. In “It’s the Principle of the Thing,” Don H. Staheli tells simple tales that describe the lessons that can be learned if we simply look for them.

    “Principle” is composed of twenty-four short experiences. Each is told from the point of view of the author, and then a principle is extracted from the experience. The prose is simple, if not overly flowery at times.

    The lessons Staheli tries to impart are easily found in the passages. He tries to connect with the reader through recounting events that he feels are universal, thus allowing the reader to project themselves into the situation.

    The simplicity of the book is its strong point. By making these life lessons accessible, the reader is able to enjoy the book, as well as gain insight from its pages. At times it was difficult to wade through the sentimentality, but those instances quickly passed.

    This simple, sincere book is worth a look if you want a little feel-good pick me up or just a moral boost for the day. “It’s the Principle of the Thing” helps the reader to look beyond the face value of daily interactions to get to the root of the matter. An easy read that won’t weigh you down.

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