Letter to the Editor: Tortilla takedown


    As my roommates and I entered the stadium, tortillas came flying from the stands in response to BYU?s first touchdown. Without pausing to consider the potential consequences of my participation in such heinous behavior, I bent down to retrieve a tortilla that had landed at my feet and flung the despicable disc a few rows further towards the field. Almost immediately, the University police descended upon me and asked me to leave the stadium. I was warned that I would be charged with trespassing and arrested if I returned. I had become another victim of the ?Tortilla Takedown.?

    I find it remarkably interesting that the administrative crack-down on unruly fan behavior, such as booing, body-painting and tortilla-throwing, coincided so neatly with the announcement of a new student-athletic facility funded by private donations. I can well imagine our distinguished, wealthy alumni sitting down on Saturday afternoons to watch good ole? BYU, reminiscing about the days when students wore ties to the games and politely applauded both teams, smiling with smug satisfaction as they watch dangerous upstarts escorted from the stadium. I certainly hope that hooligans like myself won?t dissuade them from contributing the $8 million still needed to complete the Student Athlete Center. Fortunately for President Bateman, Coach Crowton and company, my ticket price was not refunded to me as I left the stadium, so I guess we?re at least $8.50 closer to our goal.

    Go Cougars?

    Jason R. Crandall

    Tigard, Ore.

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