Letter to the Editor: Rejected


    The other day in my Zoology 339 class, we did not discuss medicine. Rather, we were given a presentation by a representative of BYU about sexual harassment. It was an enlightening experience that I enjoyed quite a bit, mostly because I believe there is a problem with a certain portion of the population here at BYU.

    It?s what I would like to call the ?repeatedly being asked out by the same clueless people who can?t seem to understand that I am trying to reject them without being a total jerk syndrome.? Now, don?t think I am a Casanova. I am not. It only happened to me once, but it is a most uncomfortable experience that many people (mostly female) go through.

    So, I am going to call on those clueless guys to get a clue. Please. If a girl tells you more than once that she is busy and she never acts excited to be asked out by you, then give up. For those who haven?t figured it out yet, SHE DOESN?T LIKE YOU. Yeah, I know it is hard, but I have come to find out that I am not every girl?s idea of prince charming and a lot of girls are not my Cinderella.

    What?s more, if you are in a situation in which she has to see you repeatedly (work, class, etc), then be careful. You could inadvertently be sexually harassing her. Put yourselves in that girl?s shoes. Do you know what it feels like to have to go to work or class on a regular basis knowing that you have to reject someone constantly? Don?t make her wait until you move, or until she quits work, or has to talk to someone. If you don?t quite get what I am saying, then ask some girls and they will fill you in.

    My point in writing this is not to discourage dating. On the contrary, we all know there are plenty of other girls that would love for you to ask them out. My point is that some people need to learn to identify when they are politely being rejected and move on.

    Mark Olson


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