Panel to address globalization and religion


    The International Relations Honor Society will be hosting a faculty panel on the effects of global exploitation in developing countries Tuesday as part of International Education Week.

    “The purpose of the faculty panel discussion will be to discuss the benefits versus the costs of the expansion of westernization, sometimes called Americanization, in developing countries and the effects globalization has on the people in these countries,” said Ryan Olson, a member of the International Relations Honor Society.

    Dr. Kerk Phillips from the Economics Department, Dr. William Olsen from the Anthropology Department and Dr. Paul Kerry from the History Department will participate in the panel discussion.

    The panel will discuss the cultural loss that comes from religious expansion, including the effects of the expansion of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Third World countries.

    “How a religion with cultures and values associated with western nations expands into developing countries and the effects expansion has on these people will be discussed,” Olson said.

    The International Relations Honor Society hosts two faculty panel discussions a semester about international issues of precedence.

    “The last panel discussion on Iraq in October was fascinating and turned out to be an over-capacity crowd of 300 people,” Olson said.

    The panel discussions are an opportunity for faculty members to express their views on issues in the news.

    “The Faculty panel discussions are wonderful because you get to see the opinions of professor outside of the classroom,” Olson said.

    “You’re able to benefit from the research they do on their own that they may not lecture on because it doesn’t tie into what they lecture on a day to day basis.”

    The faculty discussion will take place in room 238 of the Kennedy Center on Tuesday, November 19, from 1:30 until 3 p.m.

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