Artist promotes international album in Provo


    By Joseph Evans

    Shania Twain, Alanis Morissette, Celine Dion and Sarah McLaughlin all have one thing in common. Like LDS artist Maren Ord, they are all Canadian. Ord traces her roots to Edmonton, Alberta, and recently moved to Provo to promote her new CD, “Waiting”.

    Ord has always looked up to fellow Canadian Sarah McLaughlin. In fact, Ord toured with McLaughlin twice on the Lillith Fair Tour.

    Ord is considered a local star in the Edmonton area and coming to Provo has been different. In Utah, Ord is not be recognized by her peers as a musician, but as another college kid in “Happy Valley.”

    “Waiting” was recently released in the U.S. after its success in Canada.

    “I am really enjoying it here,” Ord said. “It”s hard to be away from family, but I am already used to it, with my previous tours.”

    Ord does have family in the Utah Valley area.

    Her cousin, Andrew Ord, is a senior wide receiver on the BYU football team. Ord is the eighth of ten children in her family. Her father teaches opera at Alberta University.

    Besides being a part of the Lillith Fair tour, Ord has two songs on national soundtracks. Her song “Perfect” is on the Crazy/Beautiful soundtrack starring Spiderman actress Kirsten Dunst. Ord was also featured on the hit WB television show “Felicity.”

    “I have already achieved my dreams and more with the success of my first album,” Ord said. “It”s been more successful than I ever thought.”

    Ord is not currently attending BYU or UVSC, but she said she hopes to attend college in the future.

    “My time is completely dedicated to my music career right now,” Ord said. “Besides, BYU recently dropped the Interior Design major that I was interested in.”

    Ord loves fashion and would like to design her own label one day.

    “I would like to do a J-Lo (Jennifer Lopez) and design my very own line of clothing,” she said.

    Besides fashion and music, Ord recently stumbled into acting. Halestorm Entertainment, the creators of the Singles Ward movie, invited Ord to play the role of the engaged sister on their next movie, The RM, which will be released in theatres in Jan. 2003.

    “It was a lot of fun to be able to prance around in a wedding dress all day on the set,” Ord said. “Please don”t laugh at my acting. Remember, I am a musician.”

    Ord also finds time to volunteer to teach elementary students to read.

    Ord recently performed at a benefit concert at Provo High School and is performing in another benefit concert with local artists Colors on Nov. 22 at UVSC.

    “Utah fans are devoted and I hope they come see me play while I am still in the area.”

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