Provo honors veterans


    By Meagan Hansen

    America”s veterans were remembered and honored Monday Nov. 11 in Provo as the nation commemorated Veterans Day.

    During a short program held at the Eldred Senior Citizens Center, Provo Mayor Lewis K. Billings thanked Provo veterans for their service and dedication to the country.

    “We are pleased to come to remember those who have fought, and are yet to fight, to preserve our freedom,” Billings said. “Provo is proud of those who gave so much, and especially those who gave their all, in defense of our liberties and freedoms.”

    The program helped to give veterans a chance to feel pride and honor for their service, Billings said.

    “We are here because we are patriotic and because we love our country,” said Glenn Kenner, a WWII Veteran of the Marine Corps.

    Utah County Commissioner-elect, Steve White, was the keynote speaker during the program.

    White, who is a U.S. Army Veteran and the son of a World War II Veteran, spoke about what makes a hero and why all veterans are heroes.

    “Those I know have told stories of fear, death, and perseverance,” White said. “That”s what makes a hero. A hero is a man who picks up his burden and goes on.”

    White praised the 15 veterans in the audience as heroes and thanked them for their perseverance during battle.

    “I look upon you as America”s finest,” he said. “I thank you. I applaud you. I offer up sincere gratitude for America.”

    The program included the presentation of the colors by the Independence High School R.O.T.C., the pledge of allegiance and singing the national anthem.

    Billings concluded the program by thanking the wives and families of veterans for their dedication.

    “We want to also honor those who have waited at home, with the fire burning, waiting in fear of the unknown,” Billings said.

    Billings read a poem written by a Provo woman whose first husband died fighting in WWII and second husband sustained serious injuries during battle.

    “My wife was with me through the war and she is a part of me,” said Kenner, who also led the pledge of allegiance during the program. “She is not a member of the military, but she has been through everything I have been through. That makes her as much of a veteran as I am.”

    A Veterans Memorial was dedicated in Provo last Veterans Day and Billings urged those in the audience to visit the memorial to honor Americans who had lost their lives in defense of our country.

    Billings will honor Provo Veterans again tonight during the Provo Municipal Council Meeting where he will declare Veteran”s remembrance month.

    Both programs will be rebroadcast on Provo”s Channel 17.

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