Cumorah misquotes


    Dear Editor,

    Last month I was interviewed by a reporter from The Daily Universe who was doing a story on The Hill Cumorah Pageant.

    My family was in the pageant for 11 years and so I felt pretty confident that the information I gave to the reporter was accurate. I was excited to read the published article because it highlighted the pageant– one of the defining experiences of my life.

    However, I was disappointed to read the inaccurate statement about the origin of the cast members and furthermore, that my name was attached to that faulty statement.

    I gave the reporter the correct information, but for some reason the editor altered the article to incorrectly state that most of the participants come from Utah and BYU. So the message of my letter is quite literally to the editor. In order to keep the integrity of this newspaper, report accurate information, especially if someone’s name is being attached to it.

    By the way, most of the cast members in The Hill Cumorah Pageant do not come from Utah, they come from east of the Mississippi.

    Lindsay Aldous

    Salt Lake City

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