All-Sport Pass concern


    Dear Editor,

    Did anyone else feel cheated with the All-Sport Passes this year? They went on sale a week before school even started. Many students were not even in the area yet by the time the regular passes were sold out. The e-mail announcing the sale of the all sport passes was not even sent out a week before the sale started. Are we expected to just drop all of our plans and run up to BYU to buy the passes?

    I went straight to the Marriot Center after having driven for 11 hours only to find that the regular all sport passes were sold out. To top it all off, we didn’t even get a ticket to the Syracuse game yet were still charged the $75 like everyone else. I am disappointed with the Athletic Dept for their lack of planning. Why couldn’t you have sold the first game tickets separately, so that all would have an opportunity to buy the good student seats that rotate each game, instead of ending up in the same nosebleed seat every game.

    I think it would be a nice move if the Athletic Department did something to rectify the results of their ignorant planning. How about trading seats?

    Jacob Davies

    San Diego, Calif.

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