Perks lure new tenants


    By Marissa Dorny

    Free passes to Seven Peaks and coupons for money off a month”s rent are two promotional offers being offered by housing complexes to lure potential residents.

    Housing complexes around BYU are offering bonuses to tenants who sign fall/winter contracts.

    Branbury Park offers $100 off one month”s rent, hoping to attract potential residents.

    “We have a thousand spots to fill and we wanted to get a jump on it, said Kjell Pedersen, Branbury Park manager. We use the promo to catch the attention of potential residents,”

    Other large complexes are aware of the promos but have decided not to use the same tactic to entice residents.

    The Riviera is one complex that has chosen not to offer signing bonuses. “The Riv has a great location – the movie theaters, grocery stores, and shopping areas are located north of campus, which is where we are,” said Sarah Smith, Riviera Apartments manager. “We don”t need to offer signing perks because of that and the fact that we have a real reputation for providing a social atmosphere.”

    Location and social scene are bigger drawing cards for students even if other complexes offer signing perks, Smith said.

    Jared Mooney, a Riviera tenant said his criteria for a good apartment includes lots of space, location, good roommates and a pretty social ward. “Unless they make a major rent hike, I”m here,” he said.

    Mooney agreed that signing perks would be great, but an apartment that did not fit his needs was not worth the bonus.

    Stephanie Johnson, 21, a senior majoring in political science from Dallas, Texas said, “I sign a contract knowing that a hassle with the complex”s management is just part of the deal,” she said. “Unless there”s a promo that includes a hassle-free semester, I”m happy where I”m at,” she said.

    According to Smith, Signing bonuses and rent hikes are not part of the plan for the Riviera Apartments or the other complexes, such as Raintree Apartments and The Glenwood, run by the same property management group.

    She said she believes the reason promos are popping up is because of excessive new developments in the area, which creates a push to get spots filled as quickly as possible.

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