Y professor discusses choice between two goods


    By Kristen Taufer

    Paul Eastman addressed the subject of making choices when both options are good in the Devotional Tuesday.

    Eastman, an associate professor of mechanical engineering, titled his Devotional address “The moral dilemma of doing good.”

    Eastman said the more people avoid evil, the more they are faced with a dilemma that has two equally good options.

    Eastman gave the example of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. He said that they had to choose between remaining in the garden or partaking of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

    Eastman said that people must then choose between good and better.

    “Behind all this is the imperative thou mayest choose for thyself,” he said.

    Eastman said people may feel they are keeping the commandments, but the dilemma lies in whether they need to do more.

    Eastman said people are only able to do as much as they have the strength and means to do, so quantity may not be the answer.

    He said the next dilemma is whether people are then judged on quality.

    “I don”t know if I have ever done my best,” Eastman said.

    Eastman said the Atonement is the solution because Christ has suffered for everyone.

    Many people have received blessings they hadn”t really earned, but Heavenly Father is understanding of our efforts, he said.

    He said people have the prophet and the Holy Ghost to help them make righteous choices.

    People just need to seek the best gifts, Eastman said.

    “We can be blessed just as if we have succeeded, even if we are only trying,” he said.

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