Media students benefit from KBYU employment


    By David Gale

    KBYU provides experience for students and broadens their scope of future employment possibilities.

    Student employees of BYU”s television studio from both media arts and communications say that working in live television has not only given them experience, but opened new possibilities.

    “Most of my broadcast classes focus on the work in front of the camera, but working for KBYU has helped me learn about what goes on behind the scenes,” said Jeff Hofmann, 22, a junior from Murray, majoring in communications.

    Hofmann said he believes that his experience with KBYU will make him more marketable for entry-level positions.

    Christina Lyon, 19, a junior from Lansing, Kan., majoring in media arts, said that she enjoys the experience offered through her job at KBYU that isn”t offered through her major.

    “While KBYU is not a film setting, it”s given me practical experience,” Lyon said.

    Lyon said she was hired while completing volunteer hours, “boot camp,” for her major. She said she asked if she could learn computer graphics, and now she is employed as the graphics coordinator.

    Studio engineer Steven Enfield, who employs Lyon and Hofmann at KBYU, said that hiring students is beneficial to him as well.

    “It”s rewarding to me, because I get to watch their progression and knowledge increase,” Enfield said.

    Enfield teaches a studio production class, and said that he sees a lot of broadcast communications students who gain an appreciation for the behind-the-scenes work.

    “Now that they”ve been a part of this, their horizons have broadened. They know better what they want to do. They experience the creation process and see that it”s not just about the news anchor,” Enfield said.

    Enfield said that technically experienced broadcast communications majors who still want to be anchors will have an advantage over those who don”t take the opportunity to learn the technical skills.

    “They are more suited to pick up a camera or work on some other equipment in the event an emergency should arise,” Enfield said.

    Students are hired by KBYU to run video cameras, sound equipment, and control room equipment for live and taped sporting events, devotionals, and various other events produced by KBYU Television.

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