Live bands entertain on BYU campus


    By Dylan Haney

    Students who”ve spent the springtime with their faces buried in books have a chance to take a break this Friday, June 14.

    The Summer Concert, hosted by BYUSA, will be held at the Kimball Tower quad Friday from 8-11.

    Stephanie Bishopp, vice president of BYUSA campus activities said the event is a break from the sluggishness of spring term.

    “It”s a good time for spring and summer students to come out and have some fun,” she said. “There”s not a lot going on as far as campus activities.”

    The Sugarland Run and Blues Frequency will be performing at the Summer Concert.

    “Blues Frequency is a jazz/blues group that came highly recommended,” Bishop said.

    The Sugarland Run recently won the Battle of the Bands competition put on by Muse Music. Eddie King, lead singer and bassist of the local band, was happy with the results.

    “This was the first Battle of the Bands we”ve been in where you advance to a finals round,” he said. “It was fun playing with all the bands we did.”

    King also said the band was pleasantly surprised that they won.

    “I thought all the bands did a good job, we were just fortunate enough to have what the judges were looking for.”

    The Sugarland Run is more than an average college band. They make an extra effort to entertain the crowd.

    “We set up a video projector and show a video while we play,” said Jason Fitt, drummer for The Sugarland Run. “We spliced some old 16mm films together.”

    King said the multimedia aspect adds to the level of enjoyment.

    “The video adds to the whole ambience of the live show. It”s a lot more fun to see it.”

    He said The Sugarland Run is best described in a new music genre.

    “We have a decent range of influences, including punk, pop and indie rock, but I think we”re best described as Asian-butt-rock.”

    Bishopp said the Summer Concert is an annual tradition that is meant for spring and summer students, but everyone is invited.

    “It”s the weekend right before finals, so it makes a good sendoff for those going home during summer term,” she said. “It will be fun also because it”s not too often in Provo that you can have something like this outside.”

    In case of rain, the Summer Concert will be held in the Wilkinson Center Terrace.

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