Dance seniors culminate moves in Senior Showcase


    By Talitha Hanks

    After at least 90 hours of dedication, dance seniors will present the Senior Showcase.

    Dancers in the Senior Projects class prepare to demonstrate their self-choreographed masterpieces June 14 and 15.

    “It”s so rewarding to see all the hard work come together,” said Karen Miller, a 21-year-old senior from Killeen, Texas.

    Miller”s major is dance composite, so her ten-minute piece includes jazz, tap, and character dancing.

    “It”s a combination of everything I”ve learned throughout my entire college career,” Miller said.

    Miller”s “For the Love of Dance” is one of ten senior projects that will display each senior”s original choreography.

    The seniors were also responsible for the lighting, costumes, and rounding up their own group of dancers.

    “I just wanted to show through my piece that dancing is so much fun,” Miller said.

    Another senior, Virginia Justis, 25, is a double major in modern dance and psychology from Logan, Utah.

    “I”ve always liked bluegrass music, and I wanted to experiment putting modern movement to the music.” Justis said.

    Justis said her lighting and costumes compliment the movement in her piece, “Summer Time.”

    Justis said all the seniors spent at least six hours per week all spring term in preparation for the concert.

    “Dancing is the one true way I can express myself,” Justis said. “It”s communicating through movement.”

    The Senior Showcase will feature a variety of performances in ballet, jazz, modern, folk, Irish, clogging, and even gymnastics. One senior made a dance film to demonstrate her abilities.

    “They”ve all been really professional,” said Amy Lives.

    As a teacher on the dance faculty, Lives was in charge of the showcase this spring.

    “They”ve crafted their dances beautifully,” Lives said. The dancers” work is a fine representation of the senior class, she said.

    Most of the seniors are not performing as dancers in their pieces so they could watch the process from the outside, Lives said.

    “They”re talented performers, but they”re showing their other strengths as well-rounded artists,” Lives said.

    All of the seniors who are presenting their work are members of performing groups such as Dance Company, Theater Ballet, and Dancensemble to name a few.

    Show times are 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, June 14th and 15th, in 166 RB. Admission is free, and seating is first come first served.

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