“Family Night” scores big crowds for Stingers


    By Jason Michael Wells

    The Salt Lake Stingers baseball club seems to have found an answer to where families can find affordable entertainment.

    Every Monday night home game is “Family Night” at Franklin Covey Field.

    “We are a family driven business,” Brad Tammen, vice-president of marketing and sales for the Stingers said. “Basically we provide reasonably priced family entertainment for the community.”

    On a regular night a fan can pay anywhere from $6-$8 per seat to watch the game. Children ages 3-12, senior citizens and students are $5 per ticket.

    On “Family Night,” a family of up to seven people can get reserved seating for a Stingers” home game for only $10.

    “We encourage the people to stop by Harmon”s and pick up a ”Family Night Coupon,” or they can go to the window and take advantage of the Harmon”s promotion and the family gets a $42 value for $10,” Tammen said.

    Jerry Blackheart, of Centerville, Utah, is a father of two boys that live for baseball.

    “We have always loved baseball, and family night at a Stingers” game has been a great way to bring the family together,” Blackheart said.

    Blackheart is now a Stingers” season ticket holder because of his family”s love for the game and the affordable price.

    “There is nowhere else you can go and get a family-friendly environment that lets the kids get close to the action for the same price,” Blackheart said.

    Providing family entertainment at a price any family can afford is the goal of the Stingers” front office.

    “We are a really family-oriented-entertainment-venue, and family budget minded,” Tammen said. “This is a strong family oriented community and I love this area. We are trying to create value and entertainment.”

    Tammen has been with the Stingers for two years and was surprised by the response to “Family Night”.

    “The Stingers have done it since the ball club started,” he said. “I was amazed at the success of the promotion, because the Monday crowd rivals the weekend.”

    Tammen said the most recent “Family Night” brought out more than 9,000 fans, surpassing Friday and Saturday”s game attendance

    Tammen said he believes that anyone can come to a Stingers” game and have a great time, regardless of age or knowledge of the game.

    “Even if you are not a die hard baseball fan and have only a little knowledge of the game, you can come out here and enjoy the wholesome family atmosphere,” Tammen said. “In baseball, you can sit and watch and be social. In other sports it is a little more action packed and you can”t really talk.”

    Brett Ferre, 21, a sophomore from Sandy, majoring in media arts said the Stingers” games have helped him appreciate baseball.

    “It is a great place to have fun and get to know people, especially on dates,” Ferre said.

    All Stingers” home games even have a “kid fun-zone” with a train that runs around the outfield grass area, an inflatable obstacle course, and a moonwalk to entertain the kids.

    Tammen said he thinks the “Family Night” is here to stay because of the Stingers” commitment to a family environment and the community”s response.

    “I think it has been a staple in our organization, and will continue to be for years to come. I think that raising families isn”t cheap these days, and we can give the families in our community a chance for quality entertainment,” Tammen said.

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