STOP! To Star Wars craze


    Dear Editor,

    I would like to say a resounding, “AMEN!” to stopping the Star Wars mania of finding parallels to the gospel. I am dreading next month’s fast and testimony meeting. I still cringe at remembering the testimony meeting in my home ward after the trilogy was re-released in theaters. This meeting included multiple testimonies of the truthfulness of Star Wars from adults and youth. Yikes!

    Not that I have anything against Star Wars, but really, it is just a movie. We’ve all faked our way through English papers to show that you can find a deeper meaning, full of parallels to any subject, in just about any book, poem or film. But that doesn’t mean that deep meaning was ever intended.

    So let’s stick to building our testimonies and gospel understanding from more reliable sources.

    As for the Yoda-President Kimball issue, come on! Am I the only one that finds it somewhat offensive to say that the president of the Church, a living prophet of God, was used as a model for a little green, hairy troll?

    Whitney Wilson

    Englewood, Colo.

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