Museum Cafe expands from single stove


    By Lori Ann Lessig

    The Museum of Art Caf? is planning a renovation this summer.

    “We have been looking forward to this with great anticipation,” said Bob Smith, manager of the Museum of Art Caf?.

    Smith said the caf? has been planning to remodel the kitchen for some time.

    “When I first came here, all the kitchen had was one hot plate and a microwave,” Smith said.

    Many new appliances for the kitchen have been purchased since the caf? opened. Juanita Smith, supervisor of the caf?, said these appliances are stacked on top on each other in a relatively small kitchen space.

    “My kitchen at home is bigger than this kitchen,” said Juanita Smith, who is no relation to Bob Smith.

    She said remodeling would help increase accessibility and help reduce congestion in the kitchen.

    The caf? will also be adding a couple more dining spaces, Juanita Smith said.

    Dean Wright, director of Dining Services, said the budget for the caf?”s remodeling is $130,000. He said the money comes entirely from profits generated at the museum caf?.

    Bob Smith said if plans go as he would like, renovation will start this summer and be done by fall.

    He said the caf? will be closed during the remodeling, but he hopes it will reopen before education week.

    On average the caf? serves around 200 to 300 customers during the fall and winter semesters. It takes around 20 employees during fall and winter semesters to operate the caf?.

    “The lines at the caf? are pretty long, but the wait is worth it,” said Brenda Bennett, 24, a senior from Los Angeles majoring in elementary education.

    In addition to the changes in facilities, the Museum of Art Caf? is known for its always-evolving menu. At one time all food at the Museum of Art Caf? was shipped in and there were only five salads on the menu. The selection has now increased to 50 salad choices, Bob Smith said.

    “Their salads are the most delicious salads in the world,” said Preston Schumway, 22, a junior from Provo majoring in information systems.

    Their latest theme salad was the Santa Fe Salad, which was introduced when the Lure of the West display came to the museum.

    “We like to give our food an artistic approach,” Bob Smith said.

    In the past the caf? has added items to the menu that coordinate with the museum”s exhibits.

    Juanita Smith said the caf? had Chinese food for the Emperors of China exhibit, and a diner theme to accompany the 100 Years of Automobile Design exhibit.

    “We try to take it right to the edge, because it”s a museum and we try to be flexible,” Bob Smith said.

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