Lack of knowledge


    Dear Editor,

    I’m beginning to think your organization suffers from the same weakness that the FBI, CIA, and Administration suffer from (assuming allegations are true).

    Whoever wrote the piece “Stand for something” was standing on nothing. Their claims were based on shallow observations. If they had consulted Rebecca Hill, who covered the story on the Dance Hall Ordinance, they may have learned that past negotiations with the Mayor’s office failed to produce results.

    The forum in the WSC that was set up for students to voice opinions was a PR stunt; something the City Administration is very good at. They send very intelligent, well-spoken people to sell their new draft to the various interested parties in the area, but our opinions are less important to the Mayor than you might think. The whole issue is aimed at the two or three places in town where narcotics are sold, prostitution is common and homicide is a threat.

    Students have nothing to worry about as long as the police do their job. Those of us who are deeply involved in the issue know that BYU, as a whole, will like the new ordinance. They were provided for in the new draft. Students can dance all they want, as long as they don’t charge admission, break noise ordinances, sacrifice cats, etc. It’s the local businesses that are adversely affected by the new ordinance. We have developed a strategy to help them, and the visits to campus by the Administration are not part of it.

    You have pointed the finger of shame where it doesn’t belong. Students who care are involved, they know the forums for what they really are, and could do without self-righteous media who don’t even use their own resources to understand this issue.

    Roger Titmus

    Boise, Idaho

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