Elder Perry: Flee from evil, listen to Holy Ghost


    By Victoria Langdorf

    Elder L. Tom Perry spoke about heeding the promptings of the Holy Spirit and fleeing from evil in the priesthood session on Saturday.

    Elder Perry warned young Aaronic Priesthood holders to immediately separate from even the appearance of evil using the example of Joseph of Egypt when he encountered Potiphar”s wife.

    “When we are confronted with that which is evil and degrading, whether it is the wrong kind of music, television programs, or the Internet, which places us in the wrong environment, how strengthening it will be to remember the story of Joseph. ”… and (he) fled, and got him out”” (Genesis 39:12).

    Joseph listened to the Spirit throughout his experience in Egypt and was remarkably blessed because of it, Elder Perry said. The people Joseph met recognized that the Spirit of God was with him.

    “That same recognition will surely be with each of us as we are led and directed by His Holy Spirit,” Elder Perry said.

    “I promise you, if you will heed the voice of warning of the Holy Ghost, and follow his direction, you will be blessed with the ministering of angels, which will add wisdom, knowledge, power and glory to your life,” he said.

    Elder Perry also spoke about the experiences his father had as a boy living in President Joseph F. Smith”s home.

    Elder Perry”s father left home to pursue an education and tended the Prophet”s cows and stayed in his home.

    Years later, Elder Perry said his father testified that Prophet Joseph F. Smith was a man of God.

    Elder Perry spoke of the Prophet Joseph F. Smith saying, “Most great men I have known have been deflated by intimate contact. Not so with Prophet Joseph F. Smith. Each common everyday act added inches to his greatness. To me he was a prophet even while washing his hand or untying his shoes.”

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