Elder Banks: Maintain course through life


    By Victoria Langdorf

    Elder Ben B. Banks of the Quorum of the Seventy paralleled a 225-mile biking trip to the road of life and taught those attending the Priesthood session about maintaining their course.

    Elder Banks directed his remarks to those at the beginning of their mortal journey through life.

    He quoted the For the Strength of Youth booklet and said, “The decisions you make now will determine much of what will follow during your life and throughout eternity.”

    Elder Banks said he expected delightful weather during the first day of his biking trip, but he encountered rain, sleet and hail instead. He said everyone should prepare to face unexpected opposition.

    “By making the right choices now you will be able to take the path that will help you endure the coldest and bleakest moments later,” he said.

    The next day of Elder Banks” journey went smoothly and he said he realized that members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints could be tempted to forget Heavenly Father and give credit to themselves for their happy state.

    “The Book of Mormon is replete with accounts of those who were blessed by the Lord and then became boastful of their accomplishments,” he said. “Make sure you don”t become like the Nephites of old; always remember the true source of your blessings.”

    The third day of the journey required Elder Banks and company to pedal over steep mountain passages. He said by remaining focused he accomplished his goal.

    He urged young men to make goals such as completing seminary, serving missions, graduating from college and being worthy of a temple marriage.

    “You young men of the Aaronic Priesthood have a responsibility to remain firmly focused on your eternal destination,” he said. “As you stay on the right path, the reward at the end of life”s journey is well worth the moments of adversity you experience along the way.”

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