Middle Eastern students defend their culture


    By Joli Williams

    Middle Eastern students will field questions Thurs., April 4, concerning the struggles and pressures of being an Arab and/or Muslim student on BYU campus.

    “This panel discussion is designed to help build bridges between past tragedy and future hope,” said Alberto Puertas, who teaches a career exploration class at BYU.

    Puertas conducted a survey this semester to determine BYU students” familiarity with other world cultures, and found that the Arab and Muslim culture seemed the most controversial.

    After the events of Sept. 11, many Americans were left with unanswered cultural questions.

    “I want people to leave the panel discussion feeling more educated and informed about the situations in the Middle East,” Puertas said.

    The panel will meet in the J. Rueben Clark Law Building room 212 at 10 a.m.

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