Letter to the Editor: Marriage paramount


    Dear Editor,

    I appreciate the recent suggestions by readers regarding the best way that married students can identify themselves so that we single folk don’t unwittingly hit on them.

    I believe I have come up with the best solution yet. The second a couple gets engaged, I propose that we immediately expel them both from the university. The school served its purpose for them. They win.

    There is no need to have them around showing off and rubbing our noses in it.

    Should the day come that I myself ever get married, I likewise would be more than happy to withdraw and finish my education in marital bliss at a state school.

    While on the subject of marriage, I feel that the main barrier that prevents couples at BYU from getting married needs to be addressed: women at BYU don’t

    want to get married.

    Every week I get scolded in priesthood for not owning up to the responsibility (which I admit falls primarily on men’s shoulders) of getting married.

    Yet, if you were to ask my elders quorum to raise their hands if they wish they were married, nearly every hand would shoot skyward.

    In contrast, if you were to ask the same question of the Relief Society, you would get a disgusted eye roll from every woman in there along with a juvenile “I am not here just to get married!”

    I am so sick and tired of 19-year-old women that are not here to get married. In fact, I dislike 19-year-old women in general.

    Lets expel them with the married people.

    If you are at BYU and are uninterested in marriage, then you are in the wrong place.

    Forrest Humble

    Forrest Humble

    Mesa, Arizona

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