Warm weather prompts shorter hair cuts


    By Andrea Johnston

    As Spring Fever hits, it means days at the pool, warmer weather, walking in flip-flops-and short hair.

    West Hollywood hairstylist, David Ahlander said every spring people flock to salons looking for a shorter haircut.

    “For some reason, when the warm weather hits, people decide it”s time to go shorter,” Ahlander said.

    BYU student Ashley Dickson, who has always had long hair, said she is contemplating chopping a few inches off.

    “Whenever spring comes, I have this impulse to run out and cut my hair,” said Dickson, 20, a junior from San Clemente, Calif., majoring in community health.

    Dickson isn”t sure if she will actually go through with the cut, it depends on how hot it gets.

    This season, those like Dickson seeking a shorter hairdo are in luck.

    Ahlander said there are plenty of in styles that are perfect for warmer weather.

    Nicole Holland, a stylist with Aspen Salon in Pleasant Grove agrees.

    “Super short is definitely back in.”

    Holland said short hair is not limited to a few styles.

    The classic bob is always in, but this season it has more texture, she said.

    One of the big styles this season is a ”tasseled pixie,” which is short and messy, she said.

    “Texture is big right now with any hairstyle, whether short or long,” Holland said.

    If clients want to do curls, well-defined, ”piecey” curls are the best, Holland said.

    Ahlander agreed that soft fringe edges are a nice touch to any haircut.

    Another way to bring dimension to a short haircut is by adding highlights.

    “Highlighting is great, but not as thick and heavy as it used to be,” Ahlander said. “Highlights are going finer and more sophisticated.”

    Holland suggests trying sun-kissed streaks, which give hair soft, caramel-colored tones.

    “Avoid the pink and purple tones of last season, unless you want to look like you”re a rockstar from the past,” Ahlander said.

    He said short hair is not just for females. Many males come into his salon also looking for a shorter spring haircut.

    “Even though long, shaggy hairstyles were in during the winter, it”s okay for guys to go short too,” Ahlander said.

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