Letter to the Editor: Focus on fiscal


    Dear Editor,

    I thought Tuesday’s article titled “Money equals Beauty,” was right on target. But I thought the author stopped a little short.

    In this (the Lord’s) university, we are all here to get an education. As we all know, the purpose of our schooling is proclaimed at the gates of our beloved university: “Enter to learn, go forth to seve.”

    Rather than point out the simple fact that money equals beauty, Mr. Randall should have further challenged us to act based on that assumption.

    As Latter-day Saints, we often spend much of our precious time and energy on nonessential church activities. But since there are so many benefits to being beautiful (such as being happier), we should spend our time earning money.

    What fun is there in another Sunday morning trying to stay awake during sacrament meeting? What beauty is there in spending time with five to ten weirdos from your ward every Monday night? Why should we spend our precious time helping the sick, needy, and afflicted when we could be happily trading our hours for dollars, and hence beauty, elsewhere?

    This is America. Even if we aren’t Job’s daughters, even if we don’t have genetically advantageous mothers, or financially gifted fathers, we can take advantage of the American dream.

    If we work, we can earn money. If we have more money, we will be beautiful, and isn’t that the most important thing?

    Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder. It is in the holder of the wallet.

    Jennifer Bramall

    Hurricane, Washington County

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