Letter to the Editor: Chatter disrupts class


    Dear Editor,

    I am a returning student and a working mother. I consider it a great privilege to finish my education.

    I have a hard time concentrating on the professor’s lecture and/or the response to student’s questions in most of my classes because of the simultaneous whisperings of my fellow classmates.

    Despite my “old age,” I have very good hearing and their whisperings are not about subject matter relating to class.

    I realize that interpersonal relationships are of great value, I have many of my own, but class is the place for learning, not visiting.

    It is a matter of courtesy to the professor and to fellow classmates to leave the classroom for personal conversations and remain in class when the subject matter is important enough to you.

    It is very important to me!

    I have heard comments on what I should do about this matter such as, “sit up in front of the class” (I do, first or second row), “just tune it out” (I try but I must have Attention Deficit Disorder), “talk to the professor”,(I have done that as well) and lastly “speak up” (upon occasion I have done that, interrupted a professor’s important lecture to “lecture” the class myself).

    However this is quite annoying! I did not return to college to be someone’s mother. I should not have to ignore this, or put up with it in any way, shape or form.

    This is college, not elementary school. Someone is paying dearly for this education, I know I am!

    Our classroom is a place for us to gather important information, it is an insult to our professors and a form of arrogance to assume that our “chats” in the classroom are more important than others learning experiences.

    Carol Lynn Whitaker

    Pleasant Grove

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