Letter to the Editor: Boost support


    Dear Editor,

    As avid volleyball fans we have been concerned with the apparent lack of official support for the defending national champion men’s volleyball team.

    Behind football and men’s basketball, men’s volleyball is the most popular sporting event on campus, averaging over 3,000 fans at each match. However, it

    receives virtually no recognition from the University.

    Not once have we seen cheerleaders, the “2nd-string” Cosmo does little more than walk around and ignore the fans, and at a school so full of musical talent, we stand and listen to old recordings of the Star Spangled Banner and Cougar Fight Song.

    This weekend our Cougars take on Pepperdine, one of the top teams in the country.

    Now is the perfect time for the university to lend the volleyball team the support that it, and its fans, so richly deserve.

    Let’s see the cheerleaders, let’s see a “real” Cosmo with talent, let’s hear a live rendition of the national anthem, and let’s cram 6,000 screaming fans into the Smith Fieldhouse to cheer the Cougars on to victory.

    Jared Fixmer John Barber

    Pleasanton,Calif. Albuquerque, N.M.

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