Monument remembers leaders, patriotism


    By Spencer Parkinson

    America”s Freedom Foundation announced plans Thursday, Jan. 24, for a park to be built as a monument to the American flag.

    “Patriotism is at a high level, and this is a way to show our support of America,” said Carl W. Bacon, spokesman for the Freedom Foundation.

    The monument is to be a park-like gathering place with structures, sculptures, murals and productions to honor Old Glory, Bacon said.

    The monument will be a site for spectacular flag displays, historical versions of the flag, sound and light shows featuring music and dancing water fountains in an amphitheater and other artistic works, Bacon said.

    Festival organizers unveiled the first sculpture to be placed in the area of the monument.

    The sculpture, done by Salt Lake sculptor Stan Watts entitled “Appeal to Divine Providence,” depicts larger-than-life figures of Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and John Adams kneeling in prayer holding a draft of the Declaration of Independence.

    “Something we need to teach our children is that the greatest thing these men did was humble themselves before the Lord and ask for help,” Watts said.

    Bacon said this inspiring sculpture is the first of what festival organizers intend to be many contributions.

    “It exemplifies the kind of art we will commission for the monument site,” Bacon said.

    Concerning the sculpture, David A. McDougal, board chairman for the Freedom Foundation, said, “It has always impressed me that when these men had their lives on the line, all their fortune, their sacred honor and everything else, they chose for their motto ”In God we trust”.”

    The Freedom Foundation”s plans for the monument are moving forward, Bacon said.

    “We have received commitments for property, funds and other resources to build the monument amounting to more than $500,000,” Bacon said. “But we”re going to need matching funds to complete this project.”

    McDougal said it is the hope and goal of the Freedom Foundation to have the monument in place for this year”s Fourth of July.

    “This monument will be a place where the flag can be appreciated and recognized for what it really is,” McDougal said. “We wanted to do something that would make Utah and Utah County stand out to the rest of the nation.”

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