Lehi picture book more expensive


    By Kathryn Pruett

    After looking at unexpected costs, Lehi city council members were less enthusiastic about the publication of a pictoral history to commemorate the city”s 150th birthday.

    Richard Van Wagoner, Lehi Historical Archivist, developed a book which contains 215 photos and almost 300 pages to help celebrate the city”s birthday.

    However, after the original printer, Publishers Press, went out of business, the new printer, Community Press, required $8,000 more to print the scanned photos.

    According to Van Wagoner the cost increase was due to printing and binding a book now larger in size.

    “The book is a little larger than originally estimated,” Van Wagoner said.

    While discussing the higher costs during the city council meeting Tuesday night, Jan. 22, Mayor Kenneth Greenwood decided to proceed with the book if all of the costs were covered.

    “From my position I”m not looking to make a profit on it so much as I am about covering the costs on it,” Greenwood said.

    The council had to also refigure their original agreement with Van Wagoner to make sure the book would provide its own funding with no costs left for the city to cover.

    When proposed to the council, the book had an estimated bottom line cost of $35,000 but now will require almost $43,000 to complete. The book was to originally sell for $34.95 but will now sell for $39.95 to help make up for the added costs.

    “The expenditures will come through immediately, but the revenue won”t for about three years, that”s my guess,” Van Wagoner said.

    Ed Collins, Lehi city administrator, and Van Wagoner were able to rework their original agreement to allow all of the cities costs to be covered.

    The city will now collect 87.5% of the revenue from the books until all of the cities costs are covered, Collins said.

    Although Van Wagoner”s position as city archivist is a volunteer position, he will be paid a commission of 12.5 percent. After the new bottom line costs were estimated Van Wagoner”s total came close to $9,900. Van Wagoner”s commission will be paid in full only after the city has covered the new costs.

    Van Wagoner agreed with the new terms.

    “This will allow all of the hard costs to be paid and then the commission will be worked in as the money comes in,” Van Wagoner said.

    All other proceeds from the publication will go to the city.

    To help pay some of those expenditures now, the council and Van Wagoner made an agreement to only sell the books through the city and to not discount the value of the book for at least five years.

    The city is not expected to lose any money on publication.

    “It turned out to not be the best of situations but I think the council made the best of it,” Greenwood said.

    Some citizens were lucky enough to buy the book through a presale and spend only $34.95.

    And 300 citizens purchased the book and helped it along its financial path by sending $10,000 revenue to the city to help cover some early costs. Those who did not obtain an early copy will have to pay the new price of $39.95.

    Despite the book”s complications, however, Greenwood is still pleased with the results.

    “I think it will be a very nice book.” Greenwood said.

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