Theatre Ballet features ‘Goldilocks’


    By Elizabeth Gilbert

    The combined efforts of dancers, choreographers and set designers will bring a treasured fairy tail to life as BYU”s Theatre Ballet Company premieres “Goldilocks” Adventure” on Jan. 23.

    Set to the music of Dvorak, this production marks the first time the company has performed a story ballet that was created by one of its own directors.

    “We”ve really never done something on this level before. It is an incredible effort that will enchant both children and adults,” said Lynn Thompson, the company”s promotion director.

    Thompson said much of the effort can be attributed to the time and talent of the ballet”s artistic director and choreographer, Jennie Creer-King, who spent three years researching and developing this project.

    “I have enjoyed creating the storyline and researching the music. The most amazing part of creating any kind of art is the creative process,” Creer-King said. “This project has brought me together with a phenomenal creative team, all of whom are faculty here at BYU.”

    Thompson said the ballet follows Goldilocks as she embarks on a fantastic journey through enchanted forests, encountering butterfly ballerinas, sunflowers, a fairy princess and the Three Bears.

    Jenny Bowden, a senior majoring in ballet, will be featured as Goldilocks, while Koren Mac Arthur, will be dancing the role of fairy princess, Thompson said.

    Creer-King attributes the success of the ballet not only to the talented dancers, but to those working behind the scenes as well.

    “A storybook ballet cannot be created without the genius of people designing sets, building costumes, editing music, and designing the light and magic on the stage,” Creer-King said.

    One of the dancers, Anna Manja Larcher, 25, a senior from Austria, majoring in psychology, said the set changes happen on stage with the dancers manipulating the pieces. The intricate scenery adds beauty and depth to the storyline, she said.

    “I am proud to be part of a performance made beautiful by team effort,” Larcher said.

    Creer-King said the music is carried to the audience in surround sound, which brings an exciting twist to classical ballet.

    “Goldilocks Adventure,” part of “Ballet In Concert,” will be performed Wednesday through Saturday in the Pardoe Theatre of the Harris Fine Arts Center.

    The second half of the concert will feature new contemporary works by co-artistic director Jan Dijkwel and guest artists Fletcher Nickerson and Peter Christie, Creer-King said.

    Tickets are available at the Fine Arts Ticket Office or by calling (801) 378-4322.

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