Letter to the Editor: Guard majority rights


    Dear Editor,

    I despise racism and sexism.

    Race and gender inequalities in America have existed since the founding of this great nation.

    Fortunately, many aspects of racial and gender inequality have diminished substantially over the last half-century.

    But while discrimination against most groups in our society has decreased, discrimination against one group in particular has dramatically increased.

    As a member of the most blatantly and openly discriminated against segment in the United States, the white males, I would like to voice my protest.

    It is socially acceptable for all minority races and for females to have clubs and other social organizations that specifically cater to their particular racial and gender groups.

    For example, here at BYU we have the Black Student Union and an Asian American Club, and the Women’s Law Forum. What about the White American Student Union or the Men’s Law Forum?

    Presumably white males have racial and gender issues that pertain specifically to them as well. Why is it socially unacceptable to acknowledge this?

    Justin Myers


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