BYU print sale has decorating potential


    By Arianne Baadsgarrd

    A cheap way to transform an apartment from pathetic to aesthetic is to visit the art print sale today where a variety of fine art prints will be on sale.

    The print sale runs from Jan. 22 to 25th on the top floor of the BYU Bookstore. The sale will continue Mon. through Fri. the following week at the WSC garden court.

    “There will be thousands of images,” said Val Ugolini, buyer for the art department at the BYU Bookstore, who is also in charge of the sale.

    Todd Knell, a manager for the art department in the BYU Bookstore, said the sale includes photography, sports, Asian, romantic, techno, vintage, wild life, fantasy and nature prints.

    Amy Staiger, secretary for the Visual Arts Department, recommends the sale.

    “Students need to be exposed to the finer pieces of art,” Staiger said, “but not all poster art is fine art.”

    Ugolini said only a portion of the sale includes works of fine art. A large portion of the prints include computer generated images and posters of movies or celebrities.

    The fine art available at the sell include a variety of impressionist, modern art and Italian Renaissance prints, Ugolini said.

    He said not to worry too much about matching prints, just buy what you like.

    “My suggestion is that every student should decorate their apartment with the art they prefer,” Ugolini said. “They should be personal without being worried about trying to fit in.”

    The casual sale allows customers to flip through the prints on their own. Some of the prints are already framed, but most are not.

    Ugolini recommends customers come back to the sale several times because they stock new prints every day.

    Sarah Boucher, 25, from Richfield, Sevier County, majoring in Elementary Education has a variety of prints from the sale adorning her apartment walls – artists like John Waterhouse and Jack Vettriano.

    The sale runs three times a year – January, March and September, but the selection of prints at the sale is not regularly available at the BYU Bookstore.

    Ugolini encouraged customers to leave suggestions for future sales at the register.

    A wide variety of cheap art prints can also be found on the web at sights like or

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