Provo Library accessible to all


    The Provo City Library upgraded its catalog on Dec. 21, eliminating the need for patrons to use two different systems.

    Prior to the upgrade, the library used two separate catalog programs, one for the public to use over the Internet, and the other for patrons at the library.

    But the Dec. 21 upgrade changed all that.

    Due to iPac, a new technology available from Epixtech, library patrons will be able to access on the web the same catalog program they access inside the library.

    The older version of Horizon Software, the library database program available from Expitech, did not support iPac. But it was included in the upgrade to version 7.0.

    The upgrade includes some modifications that are not as user-friendly, but most of these will be seen only at the staff level. Patrons are likely to be very happy with the change, Deana Wyatt, adult library services manager, said.

    “I think it’s just like any upgrade,” Wyatt said. “There are pros and cons.”

    Also available via the catalog is a “bookbag” feature, which allows patrons to keep a list of books they are interested in, with the information on these books. They can then email this list to themselves or print it off to keep it for later use.

    Librarians said they hope this will aid patrons in their research efforts.

    While the upgrade is routine, the library’s online services are out of the ordinary. Patrons can access library events, hours and services over the web, as well as the online catalog and their own information, such as books they have on hold and checked out.

    This web-based library system was made possible in June of 2000 when the library changed from a text-based catalog to Epixtech’s Windows-based catalog system.

    “It just provides a wonderful service,” said Gene Nelson, director of Provo City library. “It saves our staff time and gets material into the patrons’ hands a lot sooner.”

    Management of the library’s web page is the responsibility of Terry Ann Harward, who is also a full-time executive assistant to Nelson.

    While grateful she doesn’t have to maintain the catalog, Harward said the web page does take a lot of her time. Even so, she loves what she is doing and the possibilities available through the library’s technology management.

    “The concept is great,” said Harward. “I wish I had more time to work on it, and it would be even better.”

    Patrons and public alike can visit the library’s website at The home page includes links to information on using the library, the library’s services, how to contact the director and the construction of the new library home. It also links to the new library catalog and all the services available there.

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