Letter to the editor: Survivor’s forum


    Dear Editor,

    Having been long-time readers of the opinion page of this fine newspaper, we wish to thank those who write in for providing hours of enjoyment on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. However, over time we have come to the conclusion that many of those who write letters to the editor have composed their letters in the 15 minutes before an American Heritage test or in the sleepless stupor of Biology 100. At first, in true BYU spirit, we sought to correct our misguided peers, but then a better idea became clear.

    Seeing how popular culture has so earnestly embraced so-called “reality TV,” we suggest something along those same lines. Every month, a list of those who wrote to the editor and were published is printed in The Daily Universe. The student body then has the opportunity to vote on which of the authors they wish to be voted “out of the bubble.”

    Just imagine – students hungrily searching for their very own copy of The Daily Universe so they can see if the bare midriff tribe finally voted out the anti-caffeine-free Coke guy (who we personally nominate to be the first voted out of the bubble).

    All in favor, say aye!

    TJ Campbell James Glasgow

    Houston Star, Idaho

    Joe Edwards Andrea Ludwig

    Ramona, Calif. Orlando, Fla.

    Amy Ettinger Thayne Clark

    Linden, Mich. South Jordan

    Scott Printon Rebecca Williams

    Detroit Washington, D.C.

    Shaun Hughes

    St. Croix, Virgin Islands

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