Letter to the editor: Drop the subject


    Dear Editor,

    As an American, I would like to say a few words about the national anthem that is played on the BYU campus every morning and evening.

    In the first weeks of November, there have been a few letters to the editor written on this subject. Some have contended that everyone needs to stop and show respect, while others have contended that they don’t have the time to stop.

    From all that has been written, I have come to one conclusion: I would just like everyone to stop talking about the whole affair as if it were life and death. You can’t seriously expect me to think that someone is unpatriotic if they don’t stand still to listen to the national anthem. At the same time, you can’t seriously expect me to think that someone doesn’t have enough time in their day to listen to the national anthem. Both of these arguments are ridiculous. These arguments miss the point that the anthem is played to symbolize freedom. A person has just as much right to stop for the anthem as another person has the right to continue about their way.

    Isn’t the fact that there are different opinions that are openly expressed about the anthem evidence that this nation stands free?

    This land is free, and if you want to continue to persuade people one way or the other, that is your right. Criticize my opinion or don’t, it’s your freedom to do so. That principle alone is what the anthem should represent.

    Whether you stop or do not stop, I’m sure that you have your reasons for doing so and I respect them whatever they may be. I’m just happy that I have the freedom to express my opinion and read yours.

    With that stated, drop the subject!

    Alan Anderson


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