Letter to the editor: Don’t doubt the Cougs


    Dear Editor,

    As we scrambled over the railing and onto the field after the Utah game and the excitement raced through my body as we yelled and screamed and ran around like mad men and women after pulling off the best upset I’ve ever seen in person, I took a moment to reflect upon a poor unbelieving sap who sat just behind me throughout most of the game. At around the 10-minute mark in the fourth quarter, this doubting Thomas began saying, (every third second or so) “I don’t even see the point in staying.” He also piped in an occasional “Let’s just get out of here.”

    Luckily he left, without my having to turn around and encourage him, leaving more room for the true fans who would actually cheer for the mighty Cougars. After more of Doman’s antics and Staley’s heroics, I felt it a privilege to race around the field, cheering profusely for our hero Reno Mahe, chanting BCS, and just soaking up the atmosphere. I hope the dude sitting behind me and any other so-called fans who left early enjoyed their cold walk home and have learned their lesson: Never underestimate the faith of 66,000 (minus the meager showing of Utes in the corner of the end zone) fans who bleed blue and believe until the end. Never underestimate the Cougars’ defense, who, despite what people think, come up big time and again.

    Never underestimate the coach of the year or the players who believe in him and themselves. Never leave early, or you might miss the best finish in a decade. Bring on the Ducks in the Fiesta Bowl! BCS! BCS! BCS!

    Jake Hinmon

    Frazier Park, Calif.

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